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When you sign up for this hands-on learning experience, you will gain instant access to online lessons, tools, templates, and application packets for all six of Learning Point’s CORE LEADERSHIP SKILLS. We’re talking launchpads to leader success – right at your finger tips, whenever you need them.

Your access will continue month after month for as long as you find value in the site.

While on this site, you can interact with your dedicated learning facilitator, check in with your coach, share best practices, and even collaborate with other leaders – all from your own device and on your schedule. Just to be clear. The learning and leading is still up to you. We just help you do it at a higher level of proficiency.

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Six Core Leadership Skills

Become super proficient at each of the Six Core Leadership Skills. Do these six skills well and you will be successful in a ton of leadership situations you encounter on a daily basis.

Build Relationships

Build Relationships

Interact with Impact

Coach for Success

Build Your Team

Lead Change

Is this site for you?

Yes. Most definitely. Certainly a bold claim, but true. The world needs your leadership. Your organization and team need your leadership. Your community and family as well. And you have not yet mastered the leadership that is needed from you. You can learn how to lead. It is a choice. And this site will help you learn how to lead at a much higher level.

“It’s not enough to simply learn about leadership.
The trick is to learn how to lead – within the context of your everday life.
We help you do that.”

– Mark Christensen – Author and Site Creator

Learning Process

This site focuses on six core leadership skills. They form the foundation for effective workplace leadership. Each core skill contains several key practices that help you become super proficient at that skill. Within each key practice you will be guided to LEARN what to do and how to do it, DO what you learn, and CHECK to make sure you are getting desired results.


  • Complete the mini skill builder lessons.
  • Learn best practices and see examples.
  • Download pratical tools.
  • Interact with other leaders.
  • Ask questions and get support from you dedicated facilitator.
  • Check in with your coach.


  • Apply what you learn in your own environment.
  • Download and use online tools.
  • Complete targetd leadership challenges.
  • Check in with your facilitator.
  • Collaborate with other leaders.
  • Apply the templates to your situations.
  • Keep a learning jorunal.
  • Check in with your coach.


  • Check back with your facilitator.
  • Share your success with other leaders.
  • Track your learning and determine your ROI.
  • Ask for feedback.
  • Check in with your coach.
  • Continue your learning journal.

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