Five Climbs – Climb 3

Lead Teams 

Most of us can identify teamwork when we see it. We know what it looks like. But how many of us can actually describe what it takes to create it? What goes into building and sustaining a strong team? Is it luck, is it work, or is it both? And is it worth it?

View the Climb 3 Video

View the Climb 3 video by clicking below. We recommend having the overview packet printed and in hand while you watch the video.

Complete the Overview Packet

Use the button below to download a copy of the Climb 3 workbook. Use it to help facilitate your learning as you watch the video from this section.

Key Actions Plan

Check the key actions you intend to focus on and make a plan to focus on them this week.

Key Actions Packets

You will find eight downloadable pdf packets below. These packets can be used to help facilitate your learning and development in the areas you selected above. Click the links to download each of the packets for which you would like to take action.


Share Your Great Work

Share with your facilitator some of the great work you have been doing to LEAD TEAMS. Send your facilitator the worksheets or templates you have used in any of the Key Action Packets. 

Your facilitator can then look them over and provide you with additional insights and feedback.

Also, feel free to ask your facilitator any question you might have. That is why you have a facilitator – almost 24/7. So fire away.

Check-In – Climb 3

Please fill out the accountability form below. While your answers are not graded, taking the time to fill out the Check-In will allow you to report back on your progress.

If you answer YES you will still be able to access the content on Climb 2 later on.